Best Air Fryer under $100

10 Best Air Fryer under $100

Easier and healthier fried foods are rendering air fryers domination in the market. Air frying saves from harmful health consequences through oil, fat, and extra calories which are unavoidable with deep frying.

Sleek, compact, and stylish designs adore the kitchen. There is a huge variety of air fryers available to prepare healthy, delicious, and crispy meals.

Fortunately, we have been through extensive research to adore your pondering with comprehensive reviews of top 10 best air fryers under $100 to garn informed decisions. Here are the top 10 best air fryers in 2021 reviews.

  1.   Ninja Air Fryer




  • Dimensions of the product are 13.6 x 11 x 13.3 inches.
  • Weighs 4.9 pounds
  • Allows temperature ranges from 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Cord length of 2.6 ft.
  • Capacity to hold up to 3.79 Liters.
  • Available in black and gray colors.

Ninja Air Fryer is the best air fryer and dehydrator under $100. Cooking, crisping, and the dehydrating process will blow your mind by glancing its efficiently built operating features. It is available in gray and black colors.

It will serve user with guilt free food. Ninja air fryer offers its qualitative approach by offering 75 percent less fat food than the traditionally used proficient frying methods. Moreover, it is also tested against deeply fried French fries and hand cuts.

Ninja cracks wide range of temperatures to move up the process of cooking easily, efficiently, and fastly. Air Fryer goes in between 105 degree Fahrenheit to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to equip the user to remove the moisture on the machine with ease.

Ninja uses the convection heat in cooking crisp foods. Ample quantity of 3.79 Liters is rendered in the air fryer. It weighs up to only 4.9 Pounds making it easy for the user to go with cooking with relief.

It takes some time in preheating to rise up to wide range of temperature facility. For achieving best results, it is recommended to heat it up for 3 minutes before putting ingredients in it. Dehydrated food is enjoyable due to chip like homemade snacks and other foods with low fan speed in addition to lower temperature to make the dehydration process thoroughly equipped.

Speed is adjusted automatically. Nonstick removable basket with a nonstick coating eases up the cleaning process. If you are looking for a perfect guilt free air fryer then Ninja Air Fryer is the best budget Air Fryer in the market.


  • Apparently no effort is needed to clean.
  • Great temperature settings in adjustment.
  • Quite easy and simple in operation.
  • Equipped with dishwasher safe and reliable accessories.
  • A product of splendid quality.


  • Some users have complained about the strong rubber smell when heats up

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2.   Instant Pot Vortex 4-in-1 Air Fryer



  • Capacity 6 Quart
  • Weighs 12.08 Pounds
  • Dimensions are 14.92 x 12.36 x 12.83 inches
  • Instant Pot production

Vortex 4-in-1 is an incredible product to serve its users with maximum ease and the capacity to prepare their earnest meals. It has capacity of holding up to 6 Quartz. It’s a bit heavy by weight up to 12.08 Pounds but other finally furnished qualities will surely make up for this.

Touch controls with ease to read and use, make Vortex 4-in-1 more simple to use. More simplicity in understanding the operation, means the ease and efficiency of use.

Vortex 4-in-1 renders 95 % less oily guilt meals and fat in addition to quickness along with tastes, make it more health. Space saving is done by making it equipped with four built in programs of air fry, roast, bake and reheat in single unit of appliance.

Circulation of super-hot air in the fryer supports the even heat. Moreover, moisture is locked in the fryer rendering more deliciousness to the meal without oily, greasy tasty golden finish.

Maximum flavors of deep fried crispy meals with tendering finish from inside in each and every single time. Moreover, it doesn’t get dangerous to drop you at ease to avoid any havoc.

Basket is a bit small than the size necessarily needed during partying. Overall, Vortex 4-in-1 is an awesome product. You will enjoy that product adding comfort, ease, and taste in lives.


  • Apparently efficient and no effort is needed to clean.
  • Maximum oil and fat free meals.
  • Time saver against the traditional air fryers.
  • Easy to handle and operate even when filled with ingredients.
  • Perfect aroma of crispy and evenly cookings.
  • Facilitated with built-in qualities of the Overheat Protection™, auto-off, and many more.


Users have complained about their unlikely experience of foul smell

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3.   TurboFry 3.6-Quart Air Fryer



  • Item dimensions are 8 x 8 x 9.5 inches
  • Electric power of 1200 watts
  • Temperature range 200-400°F
  • Weighs 9.98 pounds
  • Timer setup 60-minutes
  • cETL certification

TurboFry 3.6-Quart is a huge air fryer to serve up to 5 persons. It is built in smart way and hold up to 3.5L of food. Vents are made on the top and back of the appliance with cool body touch. It is probably the best air fryer under $100 on reviews by the customers due its efficacy.

The tray and basket are safe to dishwasher and even easy to clean by hand if needed. The Control panel will only fully cooperative to the user when it is fully inserted into the fryer and plugged in.

It will remember the settings making it quite at ease to prepare a recipe of your taste by adjusting time and temperature. Moreover, a free recipe book is also provided with the appliance to make it even enjoyable for the user.

The efficacy of frying the food will surely blow your mind. It will offer you crispy results for a huge variety of foods.

TurboFry’s 60-minutes setup of time will fry your food evenly and efficiently. A Nonstick basket of 3.5L makes cleaning easy breezy.

It is a certified product of cETL approval making it durable and advanced with absolute safe technology hacks. Chefman has offered 1-year warranty without any hassle for the customers. Overall, this is an awesome product for its safety, efficient cookings, and many other qualities.


  • Real experience of healthier frying at moderate temperature range with least oily meals.
  • Phenomenal time saver.
  • Recipe book for super yummy delicious and practical dishes.
  • Great alternative to the deep frying and baking.
  • Protective use with additional safety of basket.
  • Smart, adjustable, and cooperatively built temperature gauges.


  • Large in spacing adhering to cover more space on counter.
  • Cord length is shorter.

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4.  7-Quart Electric Air Fryer




  • Dimensions are 11.75 x 11.75 x 14 inches
  • Weighs 17.2 Pounds
  • Available in black and silver colors
  • Capacity 7 Quarts
  • Temperature range 180°f to 400°f

7-Quart Electric Air Fryer is an appliance of ample capacity with taking least counter space to serve up whole family. Basket and crisper tray with the air fryer offers 7 quarts space. Space is enough to gear up for a party or family snacks. This could be the best gift to offer your loved ones due to ample space and functionality.

7-Quart Electric Air Fryer is designed with 8 different cooking functions by making it easy to fry roast, grill, broil, bake, or keeping warm just in 1 appliance. Control panel is built up in touchscreen menu which eases the selecting functionality quite easy. User just need to set timer and temperature, and cooking is handy with a touch of a button.

Wide temperature range is tended from 180°f to 400°f in addition to a 60 minutes timer. More control is offered by allowing user to set increments of 5 to set the temperature. Dehydration is greatly facilitated by temperature range from 90°f to 170°F and a timer 2-24 hours.

3 stackable racks add up more comfort to serve up more veggies, juices, and any other dried herbs. Recipe book is also included. Moreover, GoWISE keeps sharing seasonal recipes, blogs, and videos. 30-day money back guarantee is offered with additional 1-year warranty and customer service. Overall, 7-Quart Electric Air Fryer is a good product.


  • Huge capacity to serve whole family.
  • Maximum variety of cookings with 8 cooking functions by saving time and space.
  • Wide temperature ranges in a time setup of 60 minutes.
  • Easy and efficient cookings and comforting clean up.
  • Least oily cooking.
  • Satisfactory customer service.


  • Heavily sizeable.

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5.  GOWISE USA Air Fryer



  • Dimensions are 13.5 x 12.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Weighs 4 Ounces
  • Black color
  • Capacity 5.8 Quarts
  • Temperature range 180°f to 400°f

Are you looking for an air fryer without the extra calories and other technological hacks? Then GOWISE USA AIR FRYER could be your best choice. GOWISE USA offers you variety of qualities in fry, bake, grill, and roast with no extra oily meal.

You can look up to add more deliciousness and taste of food such as; crispy fried chicken, steak, French fries, pizza and many others just at one click and at the counter of your kitchen. GOWISE is for the best air fryer chicken breast.

It is built in slim, modern look with advanced touch screen menu approach. Variance level temperature of 180 Fahrenheit to 400Fahrenheit in 10 degree increments offers more comfort to the user with cooking timer set up to 30 minutes.

A guide book of recipes specially designed for Gowise USA is added with the air fryer. Moreover, 30-days money back facility and 1-year warranty is also offered to satisfy and obsess customers. If the product is registered then it will get extra 60 days of warranty coverage.

If customers are looking for a gift, then Gowsie is the best under the tree product. You will love this product to use liners. Overall, Gowise is an intriguing product to gift moms, dads, grandparents and whoever is looking to envision healthier life.


  • Ease up move in displaying reading and in operation on digital screen.
  • Availability of maximum protective features.
  • Book for recipes and small guiding book is offered.
  • Offers dishwasher safe and reliable accessories.
  • ETL certified
  • Reasonable price


  • Timer is limited for only 30 minutes.
  • Beeping is vexing when food is done.

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6.  Black + Decker Purify Air Fryer



  • Item dimensions are 13 x 13 x 15 inches
  • Weighs 12 pounds
  • Capacity 2 liters
  • Plastic material in white color
  • Timer setup 60-minutes

Purify air fryer cuts out fat and oil to offer crispy taste to food. Black + Decker is the best air-fryer, convection, toaster oven under $100. Powerful convection fans heat up food evenly and cooks quickly. Temperature variable changes from 0-400 degrees. Timer is set at 60-mintes with auto-off technology.

Frying basket can hold up to 2Liters of food to serve whole family. Delicious crispy foods can be enjoyed with all flavors in revolutionary way. Finally, user can have oily guilt free food. Cool-touch handle technology makes it comfortable to pour out food when cooked. Cleaning is easy due to dishwasher safe.

Indicating lights are featured. Purify is one of the best budget Air Fryer in the market. Serves best to a family from 2 to 4 members. Black + Decker Purify is offered with exceptional customer service and two-years limited warranty.

If you are looking for an air fryer with durability, safety, and much more, then purify is going to worth every penny.


  • Ease up controlling, using, and cleaning up.
  • Technological hack of automatic shutdown.
  • Dishwasher safety accessories and the surface with nonstick approach.
  • Long timer of an hour with wider range of temperature up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Equipped to offer up dual convection heating technology.


  • Cooking capacity may not suitable for larger families or for gatherings.

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  • Item dimensions are 10.2 x 8.1 x 11.4 inches
  • Weighs 5.7 Pounds
  • Aqua color
  • Capacity 2 Quarts
  • Wattage 1000 watts

If you are looking for a product to offer your family and friends with healthy meals, then Dash compact air fryer is best for you. Oil, fats, and least calories meal is quite handy now.

Fats are reduced to 70-80% without making any compromise on the flavor. Its air-crisp technology cooks faster and even meals.

1000-wattage offers compatible electric power to prepare desired meals. This is a small appliance and well suited to the kitchen without occupying much space.

It occupies least space than the traditional convection oven. Cleaning is incredibly easy and handy due to its dishwasher safe and nonstick. It avoids sticking foods on the surface.

Preheating process is fast and you don’t need to wait for heat up. Digital display helps to keep notice of the time and customize it properly concerning to your cookings.

Technological hacks and the other features are compelling to adore your kitchen with this appliance. It is budget friendly with that much air-crisp technology. Overall, it worth every single penny.


  • Budget friendly
  • Easy cleaning through removable and dishwasher safe.
  • Heating up and cooking is faster and quicker.
  • Amazingly compact and stylish design.
  • Handy healthy and delicious meals.
  • Auto shut off system.


  • Not an ideal appliance for a family.

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8.  Avalon Bay Air Fryer




  • Dimensions are 13.5 x 11 x 12.75 inches
  • Capacity 3.7 Quarts
  • Red color
  • Weighs 12.47 pounds
  • Modern LED display
  • Temperature ranges 180 to 400 degree Fahrenheit

Avalon Bay lovers’ are going to crave this air fryer. This appliance is comfortable to use with the controls and removable parts. This is dishwasher safe, so the cleaning is handy.

Air fryer is going to add red beauty into your kitchen by its style. A recipe book is provided with the fryer to prepare snacks right away.

Quality of material used in its built-up renders it durability, longevity, style, and dependability. Avalon Bay Company promises to offer its customers quality and reliable products. In one compact fryer, there are multiple options are provided for several cookings and reheating.

Temperature can be adjusted from 180 to 400 degrees. With this appliance, you don’t really have to care about your healthy diet plan because you can still have it.

Avalon Bay promises healthy experience and you can get opportunity to bake, fry, grill, and roast in a healthier way. Rapid air circulation technology is probably the most innovative, useful, and healthful ever created.

Your dishes are going to render lesser calories. Modern LED display touchscreen with 30-minutes timer can be adjusted at the final minute. This is a great buy.


  • Healthier food with least oil to no consumption.
  • Minimal attention needed due to time set up to 30 minutes.
  • Excellently built, sturdy, and long-lastingly reliable.
  • Baking dish is included with the appliance.
  • Appliance of affordability and splendid quality.


  • Heavy unit.
  • Great deal of energy consumption.

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9.   Chefman X-Large Air Fryer


  • Dimensions are 11.5 x 14.5 x 13.6 inches
  • Capacity 7.57 Liters
  • Weighs 12.8 Pounds
  • Digital Color
  • LED shake reminder

Cooking meal for whole family isn’t easy but Chefman X-large product will turn it smooth. Four presets are offered to prepare four food items at the push of a button. Time and temperature adjustment can be made with simple touch control.

Digital controls make it even easier to monitor cooking times and assures by LED shake reminder for evenly cooking. 

X-large utilizes rapid air technology to prepare food quickly and evenly meals with little to no oil. It makes easier to offer delicious and crispy meals with fewer fats and calories.

Two baking sets and recipe book for variety of meals is offered. Display panel is set at 30-minutes timer and facilitated to be adjusted to the last minute.

Timer adds up great comfort and once it is set, unit alerts you and then automatically shuts off to prevent burning or overcooking. Temperature adjustments can be made from 175 to 400 degrees,easing user on what desires.

It is the best baking air fryer and must be in the kitchen if you are looking to go with new technology. Compact size, baking dish, and ease up cleaning renders it worth every penny. It is the best air fryer and toaster oven.


  • Affordable
  • Slim, sleek design in ergonomic built.
  • Easy and efficient to use and in operation.
  • Oily guilt free healthy cokings.
  • Quickness in heating and fastly cooking process.
  • Easy to clean up and dishwasher safety.


  • Product is too basic.

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10.   Zenchef Pro XXL Air Fryer



  • 75 x 15 x 14.8 inches
  • Electric power 1800 watts
  • Capacity 5.49 Liters
  • Black color
  • Weighs 15.77 pound

ZENCHEF PRO XXL AIR FRYER comes up with everything you are looking to have to start right away. It uses great deal of energy up to 1800 watts making the cooking process quick. It is largest capacity air fryer on the market.

Fryer is sizeable enough to cook food for the whole family or even for an event. It may probably fit on any countertop. Revolutionary usage of superheated rapid air technology cooks food without unhealthy oils.

Multi-functionality of 8 one touch buttons makes it comfortable to cook huge variety of foods such as; fries, steak, baked potatoes, drumsticks, cakes, quiches, roast chicken, and much more.

No or little added oily look of golden crispy exterior and a juicy to the super interior of foods. Short pre-heating period and quick cooking performance is impressive. Record time meal can be cooked for a family. No need to worry for oil, splatter, or mess. Air fryer is Etl certified.

Digital display and programmability makes it spontaneous and friendly. For cleaning, you just need to drop removable parts.

French fries lover will love this fryer due to its crispy and delicious fries. ZenChef air fryer is a powerful, quiet, higher capacity, and technology to get automatically shut off. It is unarguably a great buy.


  • Apparently easy to operate.
  • Efficiently built in budget friendly price tag.
  • Annoyance free appliance during operation.
  • Less use of oily guilt approach in meals and against the traditional oily fryers.
  • Built up to operate and offer thorough and evenly cooked meals.


  • Some users complained disfavoring of frying basket which falls quickly.

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Buying Guide For Best air fryer under $100

Buying Guide

Who doesn’t love to adore table with crispy French fries, broiled food, fried chicken and much more with least oily guilt meals? Great news is that, anybody can go handy to enjoy all that amazing stuff by using air fryer.

A small countertop appliance can offer you deliciousness and bounding taste of crispy foods with least oil and surprisingly without frying it. Instead it acts as a convection oven by circulating hot air in the appliance via fan.

Hot air hits the food from all sides evenly and cooks meal evenly with crispy fried loving taste. Convection oven makes it vulnerable to use for baking, grilling, and roasting goods.

But before buying, there are certain things to be pondered and our buying guide with all the tips and criteria will help you to fall for the most feasible to your needs.


Air fryer appliances are probably compact in shape due to their countertop setup. But it could vary in their capacity to cook food. For this, you may have to consider your own size of usage such as; for family, single or for party. Keep in mind that you may have to cook multiple batch or batches of food. You can find fryers in variety of sizes.

There could be smaller models with capacity up to varying from 1 to 3 liters. This is best one for a family of three member stuff.

Then, there is of capacity varying from 3 to 5 liters which could be great for 3 to 5 members. Larger ones varies from 5 to up capacity. Larger size would be best for serving family of 5 or above members regularly.

Electric Power

Electric power considerably influences the efficiency and time requisite to prepare food quickly. All air fryers in the market works on electricity, but those with potential to work on higher wattage are more flexible and feasible to cook food quickly and efficiently.

Moreover, they show good level efficacy in regulating the temperature when food is cold and added for heating. Mostly air fryers work are in varying level of electric power of 800 to 1500 watts, which is supported by maximum standard electric outlets.

Some air fryers work up to 1800 watts but these are well suited to the kitchens. So, when you are pondering for an air fryer then consider wattage of the appliance too.

Temperature Range

Temperature range check is important to know their feasibility towards cooking your favorite recipes. Temperature level will define its compatibility with more efficacy when assembling for deliciousness and aroma of enjoyable taste.

If we look at the air fryers by their temperature range, 175°F or 180°F is lowest setting for most of the fryers. You can find the lowest one to 105° as well for dehydration purposes.

There are models available in the market which heat up to 390°F, while others go above 400°F. You need to look for temperature due to their potential for garnering favorite recipes.


Timer is an extremely important feature to alert you to prevent your food from overcooking. Mostly air fryer models feature a simple light indicator or a chime to let you know that your food is ready now.

Some air fryers come with advanced auto switch off feature. It automatically shuts down.

 Digital Controls

Digital controls are the choice of customers to their own comfort. Many air fryers feature simple dial controls to choose cooking and setting to your welcome mode. Some appliances feature digital touch controls.

These are multi-functional and do magical job in a simple touchpad. Digital controls are easy and efficient in efficacy to cook meals. You are able to control temperature at just one click. Timer adds more comfort by offering greater control over the cooking process.

Ease of Cleaning

Air fryers operate with least oil than the traditional fryers. It avoids the headache of cleaning after lengthy process of cooking. For this, dishwasher safe component air fryers are the best. You just need to remove the removable parts and the super cleaning is on the way.

 Power Consumption

Pondering power consumption is significant to avoid great deal of consumption. All air fryers operate on electricity. To avoid maximum consumption of electricity, it is crucial to consider air fryers with lower power consumption. This will help to make it long lastingly and regularly to use.


This construction is about the basket or pan features with the air fryer. It is probably of ceramic or stain less steel. Nonstick is the most important thing to consider.

Nonstick design makes it easy to cook ingredients. Nonstick design will endure that least effort would be needed to cook meals.


  1. What kinds of food can I prepare in an air fryer?

Ans. Air fryer operates like a countertop convection oven, except few foods, air fryers can cook many. Air fryers can cook variety of foods such as; French fries, broiler, chicken, fish, and many more.

If the size of air fryer is bigger, then you can even bake pizzas and cakes. Foods with wet batters should be avoided because circulation of air in the fryer can actually blow the batter off. It can turn out to be a wholly mess.

  1. Do I need to add oil to an air fryer?

Ans. Unlike deep fryers, it doesn’t require large amount of oil to cook foods. For crispy and nice exterior, you can use oil for mist or brush before adding it up in air fryer. Still, it is possible to cut down usage of oil and can have crunchy texture.

  1. How do I clean an air fryer?

Ans. Cleaning up process varies from model to model. Manual offered with appliance can be helpful. Dishwasher safe component air fryers are the best where removable parts are placed on the countertop of dishwasher.

In case of no dishwasher safe, removable parts are soaked in warm soapy water for 5-10 minutes and then sponge or rag is used for rinsing and dying.

  1. Are Teflon air fryers safe?

Ans. Previously, nonstick or Teflon materials were thought to be harmful but new research has cleared that results are free from risk. These materials are having melting points ranging 620 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mostly air fryers are up to 400 degrees. This shows that there is no danger of melting and inhaling of that material. So that nonstick materials are safer to use.

  1. Are air fryers as good as deep fryers?

Ans. Deep freezers are advantageous due to their higher temperature levels in hot oils to prepare food quickly. However, oily and greasy food is critically harmful for health.

Air fryers offer more health and nutritious food due to their food preparing ability by using hot air evenly in the fryer. Air fryers may take a bit longer than deep fryers but food will be healthy and full of nutrients.

  1. Are air fryers worth it?

Ans. Yes. Multi-functionality to cook food items, least oil, least greasy meal, and time saving hacks render fryers worthy to use. Least oily mess makes it easier to clean up.


Getting yourself an air fryers is a delicious, healthy, and sturdy gift you could give to yourself. Air fryers are absolutely amazing appliances to prepare delicious and crispy meals without health consequences. Demand for air fryers is increasing.

More and more people are looking to replace their deep fryers with air fryers due their ease, efficacy and most importantly, least oily and healthy meals.

Air fryers can also be availed even under $100. You may find even expensive too but our products will help you to find best air fryers under $100. Each product in our list will offer best experience on these rates. Also use our guide to find best kitchen partner for healthy meals.





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